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    In the construction of the characteristic and application of metal materials

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      Common architectural metal materials mainly building steel and aluminum alloy. Architecture can be divided into the steel structure steel reinforced concrete structure with steel, steel and architectural decoration use steel products.

    1、Normal sections
    Represents the Angle, 2.5 mm for the width of unilateral equilateral Angle,
    4/2.5 number, long edge Angle 40mm, short width is not for the width of the edge Angle; mm equilateral
    Decoration engineering used in the specification for the equilateral Angle of 2 ~ 5, thickness of 3mm and 4mm.

    2、Stainless steel varieties
    Stainless steel is usually defined as chromium-contained above 12% of corrosion-resistant iron base alloy. According to the corrosion resistant alloy element contains types can be divided into a nickel and chromium stainless steel, nickel, chromium, a titanium. A chromium stainless steel
    Adornment is decorated with stainless steel pipes, plates and main plank which most widely used.

    3、The plank
    Color-coated plates application:
    All kinds of building roof and wall, condole top, indoor paneling. Can also be used as a vent pipe, ventilation pipe and other similar corrosion and equipment required components, also used in electric shell. Writers,
    Color pressed steel:
    Pressed steel model method consists of four parts: the pressure plate YX (,) code of wave height H, wave from S, effective width B. If YX75-230-600 types of wave plates that pressed for 75mm, wave from high to 680 mm, effective width for 600mm.
    Widely used in roof and wall, ceiling and sandwich insulation board, the panel is suitable for large-scale public buildings and high-rise buildings outside the curtain wall.

    4、Light steel keel
    According to the purposes, wall and ceiling keel keel (code for D and Q) respectively.