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Company profile

  Foshan Jin Minghui Metal Materials Co., Ltd., since its foundation, has become a multi-functional integrated enterprise which offers a variety of aluminum raw materials, finished products, semi-finished products, hardware processing with "customer-oriented, quality first, reputation first, continuing to pursue" service. We have long-term good relationship with considerable number of domestic suppliers (such as Foshan Jinlan Aluminium and other production enterprises in Henan) and deep post-processing enterprises.

  The company is located in Industrial Zone, Chencun Village, Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong. As is known to us all, the Pearl River Delta is one of the most dynamic and prosperous regions in China. With excellent location and unique advantages, we are the communication bridge between domestic suppliers and foreign customers.

一、The company manages aluminum plate with a variety of specifications and states. Various grades rolled and cold rolled coil can be made according to customer requirements.
Deep processing of aluminum plate: (1) punch, (2) welding, (3) wire drawing, (4) processing to drawing, (5) forming, embossed aluminum plate (refering to peel-shaped, diamond embossed aluminum, etc.) 5052 alloy aluminum, 3003 rust-proof aluminum, aluminum alloy curtain wall, aluminum plate for automotive.
Major brands of aluminum plate(roll) are 1050,1060,1070, 1090,1100, 3003, 5052, 6063,6061, 8011 and so on.
Varieties of special processing and distribution are as follows:
1、1050, 1060, 1100 anodized aluminum plate and aluminum roll.
2、3003,5052 alloy aluminum roll, aluminum plate.
3、1070-O state,1090-O state cup light aluminum roll, aluminum plate.
4、Circuit board (aluminum sheet).
5、8011 aluminum roll, aluminum plate.
二、The company also sells all kinds of aluminum products, maximum diameter of 360 extruded aluminum bar. Surface treatment series includs: anodizing, electrophoresis coating, electrostatic powder paint color, fluorocarbon coating, graining and so on. Aluminum processing can produce thousands of varieties of doors and windows, curtain wall, industrial profiles, and other common profiles.
Product series includes:
1、heat-resistant energy-saving profile, doors and windows series profile, curtain wall series profile.
2、 Industry Profile (main products are sunflower radiator, comb-type radiator, automotive profiles, aluminum rod, aluminum tube and other aluminum profile).
3、 Decorative profiles (cabinet doors, bathroom, advertising, exhibition profile, etc.).
三、Varieties and specifications of the company's stainless steel are complete. The main products are: stainless steel volume (belt), stainless steel bar, stainless steel wire, stainless steel hex shaped steel rod, etc. The main material are: SUS316L, 316,304,304 L, 301,310,310 S, 202,201 and so on.
四、The company also sells all kinds of galvanized sheet, galvanized coil, galvanized steel, galvanized volume, color coated, color coated paper and so on.
  With the spirit of good governance, preparation, and attempts to provide quality products, the company sets more favorable corporate internal control standards and quality inspection standards according to national standards and industry standards. We firmly believe that our efforts, enthusiasm and devotion, will make the cause of customers a higher level!