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    Metal materials trading market industry standard Ming

    Updated:2010.05.15    Clicks:

      The news yesterday, domestic trade industry standard metal materials trading market management, technical specification (SB/T10436-2009) this year on March 1. The department of market system JianSheSi officials say, the standard of metal materials trading market business environment and business management, technical requirements.
      This standard applies to apply for opening and operation to spot trading of metal materials market and other production material market of metal materials spot transactions. Here said the metal materials mainly include steel, iron, aluminum, copper, zinc alloy, rolling and product, not including gold, silver, precious metals platinum, etc.
      Ministry officials said, standard content mainly includes the following two aspects:
      A selection from the ground environment, trading places, facilities and environment of the market management from four aspects, and puts the specification requirements. And in full consideration of different forms of trading market on the basis of the actual demand, introducing modern logistics concept of service, health, communication, information, fire, warehousing, transportation, loading and unloading, measuring, safety monitoring and quality inspection facilities in the item refinement, strong technical requirements of operation.
      Two is introduced ISO9001 standard of management ideas and methods from commodity quality management, and distributors management, service management and market quality management system in four aspects of market operation and management, puts forward the specification requirements. To promote the market management, service, better service to both parties.
      The manager said, the ministry of commerce will actively organize relevant units, strengthening propaganda and training, the standard of its actual situation markets encouraged and supported industry standards, in effect evaluation standard. To promote Chinese metal materials trading market operating environment, perfect service function, regulating the business order, and improve the ability to participate in international competition.