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    New dual metal materials published alternative bearing

    Updated:2010.05.15    Clicks:

      A specially used for electrical production enterprise can substitute the thickness of the bearing is only 0.8 mm of ultra-thin bimetal composite materials, wear-resisting recently spent in jizhou guangzhou hongtai metal composite factory. The national mechanical product quality test center, the indexes have reached international standards, can replace the imported products.
      Dual metal composite material plate surface coverage for copper powder by high sintering, mainly applied in engineering machinery of lateral plate hydraulic pumps, cars, ships, aircraft, household appliances, air compressor motorcycle self-lubricating bushings, etc. The factory will original material single double-sided sintering, watering and to realize bimetal composite materials, and application of double wear-resisting surface grinding process, some new solves the problem of low wear resistance, this technology in domestic counterparts in belong to original.