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    European ambry market price of blowing wind "special" metal

    Updated:2010.05.15    Clicks:

      As the years of ambry market mature, ambry consumption concept also is changing, decoration, elegant, noble and sweet bedroom, a new character of ambry, extremely has become a popular and fashion. So, in many of the ambry in the propaganda and introduce merchants to come to the rational analysis of the so-called "personalized" design?
      European ambry market blow "metal" wind. Stainless steel mesa of overall pressure with compound yakeli mesa. Stainless steel door plank is the mainstream of aluminum alloy material, make the new cabinet doors and the changing graces many. Aluminum square tubes, pipe, etc, the metal frame, simplified counter, wine tall ark, the ambry that otc changes to emerge in endlessly, these new materials, is a certain trend. More new metallic mesa and hearth, the whole pool, outstanding honor. But the popular trend of behind have a common characteristic is expensive.
      About personalized design, stylist says, personalized design theme is practical and artistic combination, and can be filled with master habits and customs and aesthetic taste. The practicality is the eternal ambry of fashion. Combined with the kitchen, consider their shape, hearth, refrigerator, pool of microwave oven, alexipharmic ark and kitchen appliances and function, reasonable arrangement, the position of the structure, function, design ambry etc. If the operator is high, can consider the height of a sink low ark cabinet and hearth. If the kitchen, can open structure design of tall ark and half tall ark combination. Don't ambry is very suitable for this type of kitchen USES. On modelling design changes to open wide type kitchen is very distinct personality. There can be used on ambry is under the board, cupboard, using two differentiate color tonal, this approach is very popular in Europe, is also widely used.