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    Prediction: the metal doors and Windows 2011 growth situation is good

    Updated:2010.05.15    Clicks:

      In recent years, due to the state advocates energy conservation and environmental protection, because plastic doors and Windows materials used for plastic doors and Windows, and sound insulation effect noise function are better than any other Windows to 30%, therefore, plastic doors and Windows in the market by consumers.
      At the same time, from the perspective of interior design, because plastic materials such as aluminum and cold, so easily curt and other decorative materials, can match a perfect design of the indoor environment. But from another perspective, aluminum alloy doors and Windows, although not energy-saving, but its appearance, color, delicate wind resistance and rich and colorful, the fading of window of aluminium alloy door is high-grade door window deep impression.
      Given much emphasis on national energy-saving and environmental protection, therefore, the manufacturer of aluminum alloy profile launched the heat insolation, making the door with this profile, not only has the advantages of thermal insulation plastic doors and Windows, also has the beautiful appearance of window of aluminium alloy door, so welcome by consumer.
      Plastic doors and Windows to metal and wood doors and Windows, but on the whole, our doors to 2011 the demand to the speed increase. Every 13.9% Strong market demand, and metal doors and Windows manufacturing factory in technical innovation, and strive to achieve national advocacy of energy conservation and environmental protection standard. Therefore, the demand for metal doors and Windows are still not fully heat, still can appear before the next year to good trend.