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    Commonly used metallic materials and valve temperature is introduced

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      The valve design and material must be considered when the problem is one of the valve working temperature. In order to regulate the valve body temperature, the suitable materials from various types of valve with steel and alloy material performance in China petrochemical, chemical, fertilizer, power and metallurgy industries in the valve body material appropriate working temperature and the related provisions of the specific requirements for the valve products, design, manufacturing and inspection. In addition, management and production management from technology and material procurement aspects into consideration, for each type of steel should choose comprehensive performance is good, unfavorable choose excessive steel grade and alloy nameplate, prevent chaos.

    1, cryogenic valves (- 254 (liquified hydrogen) - - 101 degrees Celsius (vinyl) is the main materials must choose surface lattice fromm austenitic stainless steel and copper alloy and aluminum alloy, the temperature of the heat treatment mechanical properties, especially the low-temperature impact toughness must meet the requirements of the standards. The following austenitic stainless steel can be used in the manufacture of cryogenic valves. ASTMA351 CF8M, CF3M, CF8 and CF3, ASTM A182F316, F316L, F304 and F304L, ASTM A433 316, 316L, 304, CF8D 304L and. Being the body of the valve, the valve cover, wedge or disc, etc, must be in before finishing in liquid nitrogen (- 120 degrees Celsius) in cryogenic processing.

    2 and high temperature molybdenum valve chromium - in the selection of steel valves high Cr - Mo steel is mainly USES in A217 ASTM standard WC6, WC9 and C5 (ZG1Cr5Mo), and its corresponding rolling material A182 respectively the F11 F22, ASTM and F5.
    (1) low chromium level MuGang - chromium low chrome level MuGang - there WC6, chromium WC9 F11 F22, its, and suitable for water, steam working medium hydrogen and sulfur, unfavorable for oil. WC6 and suitable temperature for F11 540 degrees - 29 ~ WC9, suitable for F22 and working temperature - - 570 degrees Celsius.
    (2) high temperature molybdenum chrome five five molybdenum high chrome steel (stainless steel) and ZG1Cr5Mo have C5, its applicable work F5 medium for water, steam, hydrogen and sulfur oil etc. ZG1Cr5Mo (if used) C5 steam, the maximum operating temperature for 600 ° c. As for the working medium of sulfur oil, the highest temperature of 550 degrees. Therefore, the provisions of ZG1Cr5Mo (work) the C5 temperature for more than 550 degrees Celsius.

    3 and corrosion resistance of nickel-based alloy corrosion nickel-based alloy valve is mainly selects the A494 ASTM standard monel alloy casting, cast nickel alloy (CZ), English - 100 Cornell alloy (CY - 40), the Hamiltonian alloy B (N - 12MV, N - 7M) and Hamiltonian alloy C (CW - (1) Monel alloy Monel alloy (Monel) with high strength and toughness, especially with excellent resistance to restore acid and alkali medium and seawater corrode etc. Therefore, commonly used for manufacturing conveying hydrofluoric acid, alkali, salt, salt and neutral medium reducibility acid medium equipment and valve, also suitable for dry, chlorine, chlorinated hydrogen, 425 ° degrees Celsius temperature chlorine and 450 hydrogen chloride, but not the media such as sulfur resistance and oxidizing medium (such as nitric acid and oxygen high dielectric). The whole is the corrosion Monel alloy valve material code for MM, inner parts is Monel alloy valve for carbon steel valves, shell when material code for C/M, shell CF8 for when the valve material code for P/M, shell when valve material code for CF8M for R/M. Monel alloy M35 Monel - 1, 400 and MonelK500 alloy appropriate working temperature for - 29 ~ 48 ° C.
    (2) cast nickel alloy cast nickel alloy (CZ - 100) chemical composition for 95%11 % C, Ni and its corresponding rolling material. When used in high temperature CZ - 100 or ShuiJian solution, excellent corrosion resistance. CZ - 100 often used in high corrosion concentration (including melt water in chlor-alkali production KeXingNa) and can't have copper and iron metal contamination of the product. Cast nickel alloy CZ - 100 valve material code for Ni. CZ - 100 alloy appropriate working temperature for - 29-316 degrees Celsius.
    (3) Hamiltonian alloy Hamiltonian alloy (Hastelloy) is the commercial name, it consists of a series of alloy nameplate, used in the main valve corrosion resistant alloy is Hamiltonian Hastelloy B (B) and Hamiltonian alloy C (C) this two kinds of Hastelloy. Hamiltonian alloy Hastelloy B (B) of casting alloy nameplate in ASTM standards for A494 12MV (N N - 12M - 1 -) and N - 7M (some material called N - 12M - 2, also called it Chlorimet alloy material), the rolling B335 ASTM standards for the N10665 UNS. All kinds of Hamiltonian alloy B concentrations of hydrochloric acid corrosion, both to the oxidizing acid corrosion and also. Hamiltonian alloy valve, the corrosion resistance of B from corrosion resistance and intergranular corrosion resistant consider appropriate chooses low carbon level Hamiltonian alloy B (N - 7M). Hamiltonian alloy material code, the valve industry is the Hamiltonian alloy valve B can directly use material code, the casting alloy nameplate. Hamiltonian alloy B appropriate working temperature for - 29 ° ~ 425 ° c.