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    Brief Description of metal materials corrosion resistance spray painting technology

    Updated:2010.05.15    Clicks:

      Corrosion around us is the damage, performance degradation or deterioration of the state of various materials under the effect of environment (combination of chemical, electrochemical, and several physical factors) . The paint coating on metal surfaces is a very important way to resist metal corrosion. Good paint coating protective layer can be barrier to inhibit penetration of corrosion. However, because corrosion is a spontaneous irreversible process, even the high quality paint coating layer is difficult to protect the metal from corrosion, especially when with paint coating of the metal surface layer is combined terribly, damaged, or with defects such as pinhole, bubble , cracks, loss, the protective effect of spray coating would be greatly reduced or even exacerbate the consequences of metal corrosion. Therefore, it’s essential to analyze corrosion factors of spray paint metal carefully and to take effective preventive measures.